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Postby tamtamm » 31 May 2017, 21:26

Hi KiNG, I have got a problem getting this game to work.

After the install the Recource Builder pops up, but only restores the first 2 files (Data and DataCommon), and seems to get stuck after that.
No message is displayed however, so im not sure what goes wrong here.

Any ideas?

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Postby KiNG » 31 May 2017, 22:00

its the first time the tool has been used, it seemed fine for the 3 people who tested it before release.
sounds like its getting stuck on the big 5gig archive, maybe try free up more space, or try in safe mode.

or maybe your just not leaving it long enough, that archive is the biggest one in the game and takes the longest to get past.
it takes a full hour to fully install on an ssd so your probably talking trebble on a standard hdd.
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Postby tamtamm » 01 Jun 2017, 14:52

It worked while in save mode, thanks
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