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Postby KiNG » 26 Sep 2017, 19:02

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Postby TheMaster » 26 Sep 2017, 22:46

Thanks KiNG, great work as usual! ;)

September's been a big month for releases with more to come! I've only bothered posting mainly about cracked Denuvo games or the biggest titles in General comments but there's many other releases of note coming out daily 8-)
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Postby Adamjosh789 » 28 Sep 2017, 06:48

ohh..I complete full game the dishonored 2 in 26/9/2017 and here new another one..OMG i don't know anything about new one version is coming,,but i love Dishonored series,,stealth gameplay i like in the Overall thankss the best.. :D :D :D
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