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RAID: World War II - Update 2


This update to RAID: World War 2 includes the following changes and fixes:


* Enemies on all Difficulties should now behave more tactically, with fewer headlong charges straight at the player
* The rate at which enemies spawn on Hard Difficulty has been reduced
* The damage done by enemies armed with the Kar98k or shotgun on Hard Difficulty has been slightly reduced
* The damage done by enemy Sniper shots on Hard Difficulty has been reduced, but they are now slightly more accurate
* The Speed Loader Proficiency now correctly stacks with Challenge Card effects that alter reload speed


* The map for Hunters now features more terrain and other objects that can be used as cover
* It is no longer possible to throw enemy bodies into the escape truck on Hunters
* Adjusted the positions of some Greed items on Hunters
* Fixed an issue on Hunters that could create invisible Greed items
* Fixed some collision issues on Hunters
* The amount of gold you must recover from the train on Trainwreck now scales according to the Difficulty Level, and the train will no longer have any ‘extra’ gold
* Enemy spawn locations have been adjusted on Extraction, and enemies should now be better at finding and using cover throughout the level
* Fixed an issue that could cause the spies to refuse to enter the escape plane on Extraction, stalling the mission and making it impossible to complete
* Fixed an issue that could cause special enemies to spawn on Extraction while the player is in stealth
* Fixed an issue that could cause the player to get stuck on Extraction
* Fixed an issue that could cause crowbars to appear floating in midair on Extraction
* Fixed some collision issues on Extraction


* Fixed an issue that could cause Greed progress to be lost when quitting the game from the Camp Menu
* When continuing Operations in Offline Mode, the game would incorrectly display the option to change the Difficulty Level - this could cause crashes and has been removed
* Fixed an issue that could cause crashes in multiplayer mode
* Fixed an issue that could be caused when unplugging and plugging in a controller while in certain menus
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