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Postby KiNG » 12 Sep 2016, 10:46

just my own personal thoughts on the game.

did it live up to all the hype? in my opinion the hype was quite deserved, the gfx are very good sounds and ambiance can be quite creepy at times creating a good atmosphere what a game like this needs to keep u in suspense and on your toes. made me jump a few times when something unexpected happened lol.

very gory game but that's what we like, the hand to hand combat system is very satisfying as if a combo type system is in place were you punch, kick, break bones and even pull heads apart in berserk mode.
the system itself does seem flawed in a way as sometimes i found it difficult to achieve and seemed to actually go threw the enemy i was trying to attack this did seem to happen quite frequently,
maybe i was just preforming the action a bit to late or even early, im not sure but it did get annoying after a wile but all the same it did not put me off trying lol.

the chainsaw?? yes yes yes they gave us the good old chainsaw, more bloody and gory as ever, you can cut off limbs, chop em in half horizontal or vertical, also very satisfying however for me it seemed to take to long for you to kill the actual enemy's with it as wile your chopping something up your still getting fired at or attacked from multiple sides and you have to wait for the death animation to finish before u can move again, i was constantly getting killed wile using it. so if you opt for the chainsaw i would suggest you use it wile there's not much around.

tbh i cant really comment on the games actual story because i just didn't pay attention to it in the slightest, i was more interested in killing things, i have read else were that it is quite good though.
i did notice they gave the character a bit of personality, very angry fella, i probably would know why if i had bothered with the story but i thought it was a nice touch. at the beginning some scientist or doctor whatever, try's to give you a msg and the character is not interested in the slightest and smashes the console, i noticed little parts like this happen a few times threw the game and also when your upgrading weapons as you will notice, it was a nice idea to keep you interested and makes you wonder what hes going to do next.

we also have the imps along with a few of the original enemy's, love what they did with the imps, yep they still throw fire at you but now they can climb so you can be shot at from almost any were
quite often you will run after them just to find they have vanished because you have not seen them escape over a wall. you will more than once think or say to yourself "get back here you little s*it"

like the original this game does take quite a bit of skill which i do honestly lack, but once you have got the hang of dodging and what weapon to use in which situation this game has a way of making you feel skillful and like "your the man" this is what i have missed from many fps since the original doom

well i will more than likely add to this later when i get the time to play it a bit more, this is my first impressions after playing it for maybe an hour or so. i rarely play games now apart from testing purposes so i am very rusty but hope this little review was informative to you.

the way it stands atm i would give this game a 8 out of 10. would have been a 9 without the annoying points i mentioned.
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