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The Witcher 2 (Enhanced Edition)

Postby Username1 » 11 Apr 2013, 21:59


This game takes Skyrim, squashes it into a ball and wipes its arse with it.
I feel like im out of my depth but i cant stop grinning at the thing. Pictures and particularly videos (online) dont convey how it feels to play this.

Very ambitious. Technically marvelous. Its akin to the leap Looking Glass Studios' 'Thief' made over quake.

Combat is enjoyable/difficult. Music is awesome. Voice work top tier. Mass Effect like conversation system. Quests/Leveling/Potions/Alchemy/Magic/Looting/Crafting etc I've just scratched the surface.



The original game got a 10 gig upgrade and they released it on Xbox as Enhanced edition. You can get the original Witcher 2 for PC and then upgrade the 10 gig patch/dlc for free also.

Its DX9 compatible. I cant believe it runs as fluidly as it does on my PC

Cool intro

little nod to assassins creed at the start



The prologue is, thankfully, elegantly delivered. It sees Geralt explaining the events that led up to the current time. Needless to say, he’s a in a bit of a predicament. This pre-story story takes place in the midst of a huge castle siege, which makes for a spectacular backdrop, and of course – with my “ultra” settings – the game looks far better than any RPG has so far looked. Surfaces glisten, eyes glint, distances blur, textiles warp and weave, and particles, um, particulate? Of course tech is nothing without artistic vision, and this is potent {...} Children run about, incidental NPCs chat and moan, key personalities wander around the areas, getting on with their tasks, climbing ladders, picking up objects and so on. It’s exquisite stuff.

Preview here

Metacritic 88/100
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Postby atul » 26 Aug 2013, 15:23

is it kind of top down game like witcher 1.
do most of the stuff with a click.
anyway i don't think it can possibly defeat skyrim modded or vanilla.
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