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Postby stinger666 » 25 Jul 2016, 18:45

I'm new here, so guys I've downloaded fallout 4 inc far harbor by kaoskrew , and its taking forever to install, I've tried installing again and its on 34% i started the installation at 10 in the morning and now its 5:13, evening. Help me guys,
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Postby ssingha123 » 04 Aug 2016, 04:28

You should keep a check on your hard drive. Kaos repacks needs huge amounts of temporary space on your hard drive. So install it in a drive which has space of more than 50 GB.
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Postby KiNG » 19 Aug 2016, 10:14

the installer is currently getting an overhal so temp space will be decreasing on most games rather than just a few.
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Postby Toffe » 09 Oct 2016, 21:33

My game gives me a black endless screen when starting up. Any ideas? Had a previous installment of F4 but I wanted your version instead. Earlier worked fine so shouldn't be graphic problems?
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