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World of Final Fantasy: the video and audio are out of sync problem

Postby SlaverSlayer » 02 Dec 2017, 19:20

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem where the game is just incredibly laggy and choppy? It's like the graphics are running in slow mo and the audio comes a whole 3 seconds before the characters actually move their mouths. The video and audio are out of sync, video was so laggy but audio was fine. All my other games are working fine so nothing wrong with any of my drivers. Anyone know the solution to this?
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Postby ganster » 03 Dec 2017, 01:13

whats your specs?
stuff like this used to happen to me with a slow gpu so my guess would be that
most games will use ingame engine to play the vids so its all down to the gpu keeping up im not sure what the vids are like in that game tho so it could be diffrent
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