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Postby ganster » 30 Oct 2013, 17:25



Download Direct Links

multiupfile part 01
multiupfile part 02
multiupfile part 03
multiupfile part 04
multiupfile part 05
multiupfile part 06

Remember That Links Are Interchangeable
And To Report Broken Links In The Correct Section.
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Postby dinolordum » 30 Oct 2013, 17:36

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Postby Sergiokool » 30 Oct 2013, 17:59

wow nice :D tks 4 the repack :P
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Postby GateKeeper13 » 30 Oct 2013, 19:09

Torrent needed!!! :)
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Postby rakeshbro » 31 Oct 2013, 07:16

Nice repack, Tanks! :geek:
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Postby Max Mouse » 01 Nov 2013, 02:00

Wish yall would use something like gamefront..
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Postby arefinzz » 01 Nov 2013, 10:34

will HD mod work with this?
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Postby arefinzz » 03 Nov 2013, 04:22

everything is "Wrong captcha..." is there any problem?
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Postby Username1 » 05 Nov 2013, 23:48

Wasnt expecting this thankyou
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Postby paradaimix » 06 Nov 2013, 14:40

Why this game locked on 720P? There is no option to change the resolution.
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Postby donkeymilk » 03 Dec 2013, 15:51

NOTE:I'll update this post if anything new comes out!!!!!(it needs it!)
Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut Update 1.01b (aka Update 3)

includes all previous updates!aQgRDKJC!f3PuaGRNZyxcZVnFzS7A2iwn7KEbUDWBA04sUMC8AZ8

Guy called Durante working on a fix to improve game.(it's on alpha 9.5 atmo)
1) Adjust the settings in DPfix.ini as desired
2) Adjust the keybindings in DPfixKeys.ini as desired
(read feedback on the page)
DPfix 0.9.5 (Updated) (check regularly for new updated version)
this version adds the following:

Various adjustments to improve compatibility with version 1.01b of Deadly Premonition
Removed the “disableJoystick” option, as it is now superfluous (the bug it was designed
to work around was fixed by the developers!)
Made AA apply in some circumstances where it did not before, like the in-game menu
The distribution version now includes (optional) logging, to make debugging problems easier
p.s..There is older versions at durantes blog,if newest version causes problems.
Also check out this high-res font/UI pack by InfiniteNine.
files go here:Deadly Premonition The Director's Cut\dpfix\tex_override
Glovepie is a good program to change from wasd for movement to using arrows instead.
controller support using Pinnacle or Xpadder -(not sure how good it is)
extra help here:
I saw this on an xbox forum.

If you do a 4-byte search for "007747D4", you should get one result, which will be the information for the current player. Here's a quick labeling of cool things:

You can assign a hotkey that adds to that Z float and you can essentially have a Jump button.

Update: The new value up there is better to search for and works both indoors and outdoors, and any character.
Then in the savefile, located in the game's \savedata folder, has 2 things to point out:
Offset x5CA is the character, your choices are:
0 York
1 Emily
2 Child York
3 Raincoat Killer
if you are experiencing any issues,after installing Durantes DPfix, please reboot your system and see if they are still reproducible afterwards. Even in its current version the game is still quite susceptible to strange random issues which go away after a reboot.
PS...This game needs some serious updating,for me it's unplayable at the mo.
You might have a better time with it ,though.
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Postby donkeymilk » 04 Dec 2013, 22:51

u can find the odd file here from various modders ,that may or may not improve the game.
it's a long thread and i reckon in the future ,we'll probably have some good mods for this game.
Let's hope the devs do some more patching too.
if GAME CRASHES AT some POINTS IN GAME,try running in win98 compatibility mode.(it works really well for some people) ;)

The DPFIX is a work in progress and is just trying to fix what the devs should have fixed before releasing the game.
It might cause issues for some people.
Check the Dpfix website for updated versions ,occasionally and also the neogaf thread.
If you run DP as admin (or in compatibility mode) you'll need to run xpadder as admin as well.

The easiest way to do this is just find your xpadder.exe and set it to always run as admin.
Borderless window toggle. with autohotkey(can be used with dpfix windowed mode)
Autohotkey is a very lightweight non intrusive program which will automatically run when you open an associated script such as yabt.
premade script for borderless win., load with autohotkey.

It might seem like a little bit of work to install a program that you may or may not want, but it will let you run any windowed program in borderless windowed mode just by hitting windows key + w. This also makes Alt work for fixing loading screens again.
another tip.
This doesn't work in borderless windowed mode,but in full screen ,ALT pauses the game, even during cut scenes. And for some reason pausing and un pausing the load screens makes them load 10X faster.
You only need to press the Alt key twice. Press it once to pause the game AND wait 2 to 3 seconds for the frame rate to drop down to 0. Then press Alt again for the frame rate to rise back up and finish loading immediately.
warning:this might not work after update patch :x
Used this method to set dp.exe to be aware of large addresses
crash at phone:
fun experimenting
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Postby JonZom » 09 Dec 2013, 07:39

donkey milk thanks for the update. The latest native controller update works a treat and I could not find it anywhere else on the net. No need to use the 3rd party programs like xpadder and pinnacle anymore. Thanks Kaos Krew for all your hard work over the years. Excellent game in a weird way.
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Postby donkeymilk » 20 Dec 2013, 21:59

If ever that link goes dead,leave a message here and i 'll see about uploading it somewhere or maybe try and email it to whoever needs it.
All credits go to the original authors of a lot of the above info.
I just brought it all together here for easy reading. :)
Don't forget ,u can use glovepie to change the keys to how u like them.
make a script using notepad:
example below:
Key.W = Keyboard.Up
Key.A = Keyboard.Left
Key.S = Keyboard.Down
Key.D = Keyboard.Right = NumPad0
key.e = enter
Key.c = NumPad1

then save it as a pie file ,e.g:arrows.pie
and load it with glovepie program and click on run.
note:this is not a perfect script ,but it works ok for me.
How u word the key names is important or they won't be recognized.
remember to click on "stop" when u want your normal keyboard function back.
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Postby aayafi » 04 Oct 2014, 11:21

links are not fixed
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Postby KiNG » 04 Oct 2014, 13:44

they probably been deleted again due to nobody downloading it.
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