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Can't find any spaceship in the game No Man's Sky NEXT

Postby monkeydluffy3647 » 05 Aug 2018, 07:38

I recently downloaded the kaos repack of the game No Man's Sky Next from this website and started playing it. I figured out that as soon as someone spawns on a ramdom planet there should be a damaged spaceship lying around along with a compass pointing towards the ship at the top, at least that's what I saw in the gameplay. But I can't find any spaceship anywhere plus there is no any compass pointing at the direction of the broken spaceship. Due to this issue the astronaut dies within a couple of minutes of gameplay from the radiation and I can't play the game.
Does anyone have any solution to this problem?
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Postby TheMaster » 05 Aug 2018, 14:03

I haven't played this game since all the new updates but I've heard people elsewhere saying this. I suggest you go to dedicated discussion threads for the game to try find your answers as this will have been discussed elsewhere quite a lot. Try this one as it's usually quite good -
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