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by shadows
30 Oct 2012, 11:07
Forum: Game Reviews
Topic: Halo 4
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Halo 4

The game that puts the hype for virtually every other game to shame, Halo 4 starts a new trilogy in the Halo saga. It is the fourth proper entry into the Halo line and the first not developed by Bungie. As a game that switched from being developed by a major studio to a new startup, Halo 4 has been...
by shadows
30 Oct 2012, 10:34
Forum: Game Reviews
Topic: Dishonored-KaOs
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Re: Dishonored-KaOs

Downloading now. Looks interesting
by shadows
30 Oct 2012, 10:04
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello World!
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Re: Hello World!

my nick is shadows and i'm from australia. been a while since i belonged to a forum but thought this one looked interesting :) so here i am.