Hiyas folkses

Just Say Hello To Us All
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Hiyas folkses

Post by ClashUsKlae » 20 May 2017, 22:41

Noob on the site but not 2 gamin...Just thought I'd join cause the KaosKrew reminded so much of 20 long years ago...Myth,PDM, and Class. the 3 most notable rippers back then (I still have and play many of their releases still), and IMO u folks rate among them.
Just snagged skyrim and had only one issue; my MS visual C was a few years old, used the provided one in the xtras and BAM!
I'm slayin baddies and runnin for cover! :mrgreen: Anyways, I will definitely be clicking that yellow button I see top right ;)

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Re: Hiyas folkses

Post by TheMaster » 21 May 2017, 03:46

Hey ClashUs, welcome dude! 8-)
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Re: Hiyas folkses

Post by KiNG » 21 May 2017, 17:32

glad to add another oldie to our gang haha
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