greetings :)

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greetings :)

Post by alexisironclaw » 10 Aug 2020, 13:34

I used to use a few of these repacks many years ago, and am now looking to help out via seeding any torrents that are low on seeders. If there is a list of your least seeded torrents (up to like 750GB total space) I’ll throw them in my seed box for a few months or so to help out.

If someone could throw some links or a .rar or .zip with .torrents I can handle it from there :) Thanks!

@KiNG if you see this, i was told to register here and reach out to you about this but I cannot PM you yet. Maybe you can PM me and we can get this going :)

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Re: greetings :)

Post by TheMaster » 11 Aug 2020, 12:29

Welcome mate! KiNG should see this but I'll PM him as well just in case ;)
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