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Star Citizen Life Of A Industry Worker Role Playing

Posted: 13 Mar 2021, 00:09
by Sheppard22

Othervise about the game high scale good graphic imerssive gameplay still in alpha and going slowly with develop every quartery major update this is for the public universe
Single player is going along nicely as well some stuff are under NDA i cant talk about it ;(
And no you dont need to buy your ships with money unless if you want to support the project price is 45 $ the rest is grindable in game.
Game has amazing community and active devs

Captain Sheppard22 log
Saturday 2951 21:PM Standard Earth day
Aaron halo ring around Stanton somwhere between Hurston and Arcorp
Mission hunting for quantinium thungsten laranite day 1 and filling Andromeda up for profit