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Hello, recently I downloaded men of war collection repack2 posted by King, I tried installing it with my Disk that has 40 gb free. Suddenly this error popped "ISDone.dll An error occured while decompressing: Archive header is corrupt! Unarc.dll returned an error code: -14 ERROR: archive structure corrupted (decompression of control block failed) I have 2 gb ram and I set my virtual memory as 3000 for start and 6000 for maximum, any help please? Should I change my virtual memory? I tried with safe mode too, installed the dlls and put them in system32 but none will work.
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2gb is not enough for the installer, if i remember rightly it needs 2gb just to decompress so that doesnt include what windows is already using.
i do not have much experience with low ammounts of ram so hopfully somebody else can help.
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