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Post by TheMaster » 07 Jan 2018, 23:30

The most common problem people encounter these days is games not completing the install process. Before you even try installing a game make sure -

1. Your computer meets the minimum requirement to run the game -
2. You have enough free drive space for both the install AND the unpacking process.
3. You are installing as Administrator.

If you have met these conditions but the installation process appears to stop completely firstly just give it more time as sometimes the installer will appear to freeze at certain points during the install even though it is actually continuing the process. If it locks up & refuses to continue past a certain point for a long period of time or gets stuck at 0% try the following before you make a post here about it.

1. Try installing in Safe Mode (minimal setting).
2. Try increasing virtual RAM.
3. Try disabling your anti-virus as some security products don't handle cracked files very well.

If you are still having problems after trying all the above then feel free to make a post about it here in the hope that somebody might be able to help. Please include your system specifications (cpu, video card, RAM, virtual RAM, SSD/HDD size & free space, etc) AND how long you waited for the process to complete if it froze part way.

Failure to include this info with your post may result in your post being deleted.
If your problem has already been dealt with in another post (duplicate posting) your post will be deleted.
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