Men.Of.War.Collection.Pack.REPACK-KaOs Install Error & In Game Problem!

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Men.Of.War.Collection.Pack.REPACK-KaOs Install Error & In Game Problem!

Post by NullVoid » 27 Jul 2018, 16:15

Also sound in none of the games is working properly.
I played MOW before and the campaign had voices at the start.
But in this MOW only videos have voices but other start briefing has no sound.
Again infantry says nothing when I tell them to move.
Guns, while firing, makes only one kind of sound.
Vehicles makes no sound while moving.
Actually I wouldn't play MOW.
But while trying MOWCH I noticed these issues and then played MOW to be sure if I was right.
I pressed ok and then somethings happened and then that completed and I clicked finish.
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Re: Men.Of.War.Collection.Pack.REPACK-KaOs Install Error & In Game Problem!

Post by KiNG » 27 Jul 2018, 21:09

it means the installer for some reason did not execute the rebuild process from within the games folder.
there was a guy who figured out how to sort it on a different release but i cant remember how or which one.
its avery rare issue what required a setting within windows been reset.

you might be able to correct it by doing one of these choices...

solution 1:
install the game again, wile it is installing brouse to the install folder, you will see a file labled ~unpack~
cut this file and move it to somewere else (this will stop the installer from running the rebuild process itself), once the install is finished put the file back and double click it. the rebuild process should begin and finish correctly. the rebuilding part is for the audio as you noticed.
(this option does not always work as sometimes the installer can lock the file so it can not be moved)

solution 2:
install as normal and wait until that error pops up but do not close it.
instead brouse to the game folder and run the file labled KaOsAD.exe
once that has finished decoding the audio and has dissapeared click ok on the previous error and the rebuild should continue.

one of those options should do it. hopfully somebody can remember what to change in windows incase it happens again.
if i remember rightly the setting what is wrong gets changed externaly by something what got installed, there for a clean install of windows would also sort the probblem.
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