Rise.Of.Nations.Extended.Edition.V1.5.REPACK-KaOs Problem!

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Rise.Of.Nations.Extended.Edition.V1.5.REPACK-KaOs Problem!

Post by NullVoid » 20 Oct 2018, 14:17

This is where it ends.
That's all.
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Re: Rise.Of.Nations.Extended.Edition.V1.5.REPACK-KaOs Problem!

Post by KiNG » 20 Oct 2018, 16:50

when that error pops up, go to your games folder (were your installing to)
double click unpack.bat.
that should hopfully get the game running.
at this point the game is installed and is only rebuilding files, running the rebuilding process yourself sould finish the process.
then just click to close the error.

sorry i edited your post by mistake but it back to normal lol.
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