Total War Shogun 2 wont launch.

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Okay so here's the thing.Spent 3 hours trying to figure out whats wrong with it with no luck.Basically i did all of the steps the nfo told me to do which is basically just run install.exe and then click Shogun2.exe to play or use the desktop shortcut.The desktop shortcut wasn't created so i tried going for the Shogun2.exe thing.Nothing happens.(I'm using windows 10) i tried to use compatibility options for other windows editions and running it as an administrator.Nothing.I disabled both my firewall and the windows 10 antivirus thing for the installation,had no other programs running and honestly at this point i don't know what to do.If anyone could help me with this i would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.
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if i remember rightly the game comes with some redist to install, did you try those? there possibly in the games root directory in an extras folder.
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