Question about Fallout New Vegas

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Question about Fallout New Vegas

Post by thenamelesssamurai » 04 Feb 2020, 20:54

So I have a very specific question about in game behavior for one quest that I was hoping someone might know the answer to.

I downloaded the Kaos release of the Fallout New Vegas:Ultimate edition back in 2012 and when I first started playing it the loot boxes in Ceaser's favor would operate like described on the wiki: "If the player character later acquires negative reputation with the Legion, the quest marker will no longer appear. However, the Legion will continue to restock the cache boxes. With the location now known, one can still take items regularly even without Caesar's permission, without Karma loss".

Once I got the max reward, I would use console commands to reset my reputation with the Legion and then go fully negative and still collect the reward every three days. It kept behaving like this for a couple of play-throughs until some time in 2015 (I remember something about a patch downloading or something, but it's been 5 years and I don't trust my memory too well and the last patch I could find that was released was back in 2012) when it started behaving as described in this steam thread ( ... 369010606/) :"When you drop from idolized, they stop putting stuff in the one crate that matters. When you drop from liked, they stop providing some useful items. If you go neutral or level one hostile, they still refill the boxes, but typically only the cash ones. When you get too negative, they cease refilling them completely. "

I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it (Though I can't be sure If it was the same release since I deleted the original download. It said it was a Kaos release on the one I downloaded when I re-downloaded it.) and then buying the legal copy and installing that. Then when I finally upgraded my computer and tried installing it on that computer.

Does anyone know what's going on here and is there any way to get the quest to behave like it used to?

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Re: Question about Fallout New Vegas

Post by Prefus » 08 Feb 2020, 18:41


If a patch fixed the loot boxes in 2015, then you need a version of the game before 2015

If you bought the game then you get latest version with the patch....

What you had initially and need is either :

Fallout.New.Vegas.Ultimate.Edition.RERIP-KaOs released in 2014
Fallout.New.Vegas.Ultimate.Edition-KaOs released in 2012

Unfortunately they do not seem to be online on this forum. Maybe king has them somewhere

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