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About installer archives

Post by NullVoid » 13 Oct 2020, 16:43

Dear KaOsKrew members,
It seems current installers use bin file for archives. Why?
What was the issue with the old RAR archives?
RAR method ensured that even if installers failed there was a contingency.
I ask this because I am using UNIX.
KaOs repack unpacking is a complex process (to me).
It would have been great if the old method could be used.
I am not complaining about this method,
as this work on wingdow$ fine and AFAIK KaOs only supports wingdow$.

You may not believe it, but I felt curious about batch scripting (.bat file)
from KaOs "unpack.bat" file and learnt a lot of tricks from there.

Just asking questions and not asking to change anything.

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Re: About installer archives

Post by KiNG » 15 Oct 2020, 23:30

the bin files are not actually .bin files they are .arc archives with the extension renamed
arc archives are basically just used as containers and uses the store settings, arc makes it easier to use multiple tools and compression methods in a pipe command
compressing this way has advantages for decompression like speed and minimum temp space.
the standard compression atm is actually lolz
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