why there is no ads ? :|

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why there is no ads ? :|

Post by booster » 20 Oct 2020, 16:30

was crying today because thought kaos krew died like corepack , i just didn`t see kaos krew after a simple google search :D btw now i am here and just downloaded cod advanced warfare but there was no ads :| you guys rob a bank or what ? site ceo need improvements , a-z list need to be added in site header :> and a bit more active repacks . i miss you guys so much , if you need hand i can help :D
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Re: why there is no ads ? :|

Post by KiNG » 20 Oct 2020, 18:29

registered members don't get adds only guests. we make almost nothing on the adds anyway, there more to encourage people to register.
i don't really deal with the site side of things but sure ganster will change whatever he thinks needs changing.
have any history doing this kinda thing or have anything your especially good at what would benefit the site? some assistance might not be a bad idea.
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