[Request] Warhammer 40K MASTER COLLECTION

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[Request] Warhammer 40K MASTER COLLECTION

Post by Evilangel » 06 Apr 2021, 04:02

lossless repack with video/audio recoded if possible.

1. The base game dawn of war 1 + dlc winter assault
2. Dark crussade
3. Soul Storm

2 and 3 dont need the base game and must be installed in a different directory, not in the base game.

There is no repack about those games, specially the dawn of war 1 + dlc

The only repack i found was this from r.g. mechanics still active with seeds and selective files to download but the repack incluides voices in russian and english, its overweights by 3 GB or more.

https://s1.rg-mechanics.org/games/pc_to ... /7-1-0-246

If the torrent is too slow i can help uploading the games to DRIVE.
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