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I Can't Access Into This Forum

Posted: 30 Oct 2014, 20:26
by remzkee09
It seems my IP Address has been blocked. I'm having this kind of problem since last year. It force me to use web proxy to be able to access into this forum. Please kindly unblock my IP Address so that I can browse this forum normally. :cry:

BTW.. here's my IP Address:
ISP: Smart Broadband Incorporated
Country: Philippines

Re: I Can't Access Into This Forum

Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 19:49
by remzkee09
Anyone?.. Please

Re: I Can't Access Into This Forum

Posted: 31 Oct 2014, 20:34
by ganster
we dont have full controll of what ips are blocked we using a world wide database that gets updated daily if your ip is in there database then it must meen your isp do alot of spamming and the ip range is all blocked or someone who used to have your ip used it to spam alot with it

your ip prob changes every time u restart your router so now n then u might land on a ip thats banned we wont be removing this feature as we would get spammed alot like we used to get when we first started the site in the first month we got more than 1000 spam messages and we had to delete em all by hand so its alot of work for no return

if your wondering where we get the ip database from we use these sites if you want you could ask them to remove your ip from there database and then it would work fine with our site (our most used database 99% of the queries goes to them)

this is prob the most used service once u get past all the registration this is what prob blocking your ip the most

we also use other services like block disposable emails so users cant register with a throw away email address