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This is my SHORT review on DMC Devil May C or DMC Reboot
Genre: Hack n Slash
So here it is:

The story revolves around a different Dante, but with the same signature weapons
like E&I and Rebellion, instead of half human- half demon, he is now a half angel-
half demon breed which comes with the new set of weapons of angel/demon style.
Enough said the new Dante had some problems with the DMC series fans, which i dont
care because he look cool along with a voice over which suites him. I dont know
what emo means though..

Now, the game/story takes place in the awesome looking demon world called Limbo.
Which drags Dante from the real world. Limbo twists, shifts, and constantly
morphing. The Demon King Mundus, now, instead of hiding in different forms; is in
a human form which controls the whole real world through debt...
Dante meets Kat, then he meets Vergil..then later on fights him as final boss.



smooth and fun, stylish and not stiff, Dante has natural movements when crossing
over different weapons,not really having that camera problem (im on pc, mouse
controls camera), and not really that repetative battles, has a solid gameplay,
and has no great deal on backtracking.. seriously, levels are straigh forward and
side quests has great mechanics and difficulty, different modes like one that
Dante dies in one hit,bosses look great, UI looks (kinda) simle, tons of combos
after combos to chain from,you can really fell the intense and engaging action,
slashes and other hard stuff,changing weapons is also smooth and easy,

You can feel the action as you slice every enemy.


There is no lock on system (greatly needed on aerial enemies),bosses are not
really that 10/10 great (like wait and slash and do this specifically), the blood
palace (a survival mode) is DLC, Devil Trigger...IS NOT REALLY USEFULL; there is
no difference in damage, enemies are thrown into air WHICH makes it hard to attack
and the only need for this is Dante gets faster health regen and giving style
points like candy.

Now its harder to kill them.


Sometimes you can just mash up the attack button repeatedly and destroy all
enemies...but that wont look good.. wont it? and some DMC fans become alienated,
the music is too noisy if you are not in to metal (however it fits into gameplay
action and feel), while in a modern timeline the story may not be that great but
the battles feel awesome (somehow its likable), style system is a lot better now.

This felt good actually!

GAME SCORE: 8.5/10

Its a great game, visually stunning yet has a very great action mix, even if it
has its flaws.
So that about it, its more like pros and cons rather than a review, i am just
telling you how action packed this game was.. until then.This is my very first review,
Thanx for reading.
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Never really liked the dmc series... but this is a very well paced game. It constantly rewards you. Games this good, dont come out often
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I don't hate DmC but it's not a the DMC title that i expected, it's too easy even on the hardest difficulty and the upgrades don't do much, gameplay is solid but DMC3's gameplay was way better.

Everything took a step back in DmC from DMC3 of even DMC4, but i gotta admit, the graphics are amazing and it's beautiful to look at.

But it's understandable why they made the game more simple and streamlined for the current generation of gamers.

Oh, and the story sucks hard.

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Would have been interesting to hear what the flaws are ,from your point of view.
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