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The game that puts the hype for virtually every other game to shame, Halo 4 starts a new trilogy in the Halo saga. It is the fourth proper entry into the Halo line and the first not developed by Bungie. As a game that switched from being developed by a major studio to a new startup,

Halo 4 has been worrying fans for some time. However, Microsoft would not hand their flagship title to just anyone and Halo 4 is shaping up to be a stunning game.

The first thing people will notice, even before anything else, is that the game looks devastatingly good and that is not just artistic brilliance (in fact, it might not even be artistically fresh) but the actual technology under the hood is stunning.

The first level, where you will notice a difference in the HUD (heads up display), is where it becomes evident that this is easily the best looking Halo game ever made and leaps and bounds above most current-generation shooters. The lighting is eerily realistic and character models have more detail than ever, although the details seems to make them seem a bit different from the Grunts and Elites that Halo fans may be used to. They seem bulkier and even more armored, but it is rather amazing that the game still maintains a strong Halo feel in the gameplay department.

You will quickly be recapped, in essentially less than a minute, all the things that happened in the first three games and then it’s off to explore. Find an enemy, take their weapon and you will find a room that is so large with so much open space that it is simply begging for a firefight. As always, the enemies show up after an alien ship docks outside and from that moment on, it is pure Halo. Even the multiplayer keeps similar names to previous editions and the objectives, at their core, are the same. However, the customization is absolutely mind-boggling. If you wanted to never play the same game with your friends twice, it would be a long time before you would get to the end of that list. So, essentially, this is a Halo game with better graphics. What more could you want?

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios;
Developer: 343 Industries;
Genre: Action;
Release Date: November 6, 2012;
Console: X360
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Loved Halo Reach (more than i thought i would). Nice review, thankyou. Will get it when i can afford it
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If ur stil ter, Halo reach for pc
or on other platforms
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Halo reach is on xbox360 only theres no pc release planned for it that i could find
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Any Other Halo apart from Halo 1, Halo 2 and halo spartan assault is released for pc
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xbox 360 game review ? mmmm...
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