Dues Ex Mankind Divide - A Ciminal Past.

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Dues Ex Mankind Divide A Criminal Past.

Damn now that is a mouthful. Is the game full of little stuff..... Well, yes and no.
At first, the game starts you pretty powerful, giving you access to all kinds of epic powers, both passive and activated. So you can play around with it quite a lot. I don't want to give away any spoilers but I will say this and I'm sure you all will expect it. You loose all your upgrades.

But I guess, before we get into that, the quilestion would be, what is Dues Ex? Well its a stealth game...or full on action....or stealth action. It's really your choice how to play the game and I like that games are doing that. However, there is a down side to this. As much as the game allows you to play as you wish, you're far more rewarded for playing stealthily.

In the future, for us, but the past in game time, things called augments were developed. Mechanical, or is there biomechanical, human parts were developed. You can have your arm replaced, or your leg or eyes or a myriad of other pieces. Thus less the new version or racism. Augs vs Naturists. Which of course, can create some very bad situations.

Now these augments, they give you, the player some nice nifty upgrades. Punch throw walls, jump super high, super vision, all those fun things and more. But that you will find as you play and get what they called Praxis. You need those to upgrade. Pretty much experience points.

So the game play itself? Well, I love it. The cut scenes are well done, but also at the same time annoying. In one you will see some flickering textures, or the camera will be panned over your character and you won't see the other character talking. Small little annoyances. But overall, I do enjoy watching and listening to the cutsenes. Just wish Jensen actually had a bloody personality.

Anyways. In the game you have a crap load to do. You can explore a lot, you can be sneaky, knock out or kill enemies, complete side missions, do hacking. A lot of stuff to do, a great deal to explore and I will be honest, I got tired of struggling to get money but that's part of the game. Having a little money and scrounging where you can for some. For a guy working, he is bloody poor!

Now I'm doing my best not to give any spoilers at all so I can't say much more except this is a really good game with an interesting story, very interest game mechanics with the open world that has more than one route to your target and of course C.A.S.I.E. That is an awesome game mechanic I enjoy. Actually I enjoy a lot of stuff in this game. Hell, I enjoy almost everything!

Don't feel at a loss if you find yourself unable to open something or go somewhere because of some reason. With this open world game, you can go back there any time. Just make sure to mark it so you know where to go.

Well, overall, this game is really good. It's pretty much the previous game with slightly better graphics, improved game play and new levels and an interesting story. I like it.

I will give this a solid 8 out 10. Good music, good dialogue, nice graphics, surprising locations that blew my mind, and of course, always fun being the badass.
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