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we are unable to seed a torrent forever, due to the size of new games they take up space very quickly, within a week or so we do stop seeding a torrent to make room for new games.
just noticed today after removing all the new torrents from the couple of seedboxs that leechers increase by a lot wile seeders decline, seriously its up to you guys to help each other, we cant carry you all.
i dont expect miricles, as the torrents are public and public do leech, i just ask you to do your best ;) seed back and hopfully people will follow suit. you can also support us by speading our torrent to sites what do not already have it, open yourself an account and become a kaos poster.
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Thanks KiNG, well said. Torrents are great to have but yes the sheer size of games now makes it difficult for providers like yourselves who have a big turnover of material to maintain seeding for long periods. C'mon fellow members & downloaders - if you are using the torrents PLEASE do your part & seed back for as long as possible so you can help other members & in return they can help you. Leechers will always leech but there are ways of dealing with at least some of them too (just block the IPs of leechers who don't upload in your client). Let's pull together & keep the torrents healthy for as long as possible! ;)

Getting the torrents out there to other sites as KiNG suggests is also a very good way of trying to keep the seed/leech ratio as high as possible.

TIP OF THE DAY: You can often increase the number of trackers (and hence the number of peers) per download by using the search function in clients like qBittorrent to find the same files from other sources. Once you get the search results, highlight a torrent with the exact same name & then click on the "download" button. If it has the same files it will add trackers to the current download - if it's different it will try to start a new download so just cancel it. Try it as you can sometimes increase the download speed just by doing this! But again it relies on other sources of the release being out there so please do your part ;)
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