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Due to popular demand we have decided to start doing torrents again,

So we now have our self a little seed box.
we do not know as of yet if we will be reseeding torrents once there dead but we do know we will only be able to seed new ones for a limited time,
it will be down to you the user to share and help each other out (which we all know with public torrents this will not happen lol)

If Anybody would like to take over the job all you need is a good connection, knowledge or accounts to torrent sites to add them to,
more space than our seed box lol and ftp access for us to upload to :)
although ftp is not required as you could always grab the game from the hosts and sort a torrent out from there for us to add
as the file hosts are still our priority.

hope this news pleases many of you :)
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