A short reveiw of SPEC OPS THE LINE

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I dont know why this game is so underrated that the devs didnt even dared to make a sequel. So heres my short reveiw in my point of veiw.
The graphics are good, though not phenomenal. The engine definately shows that it is quite old now. The gfx are very good except some blurry textures. There were missions where you have to play inside a building and thats where the real graphics full of varied colours comes out. The heart of the game is its story. I would say 2K have made the best ever millitary story. The story is more than enough to blow CODs out of the water. The music is the weak point. The game's soundtract is mediocre and is played at wrong times. The controls are very fluid, AI too is very good. Soldiers hide in covers, they run when player gets nearby. The gameplay is just average. Though the plot was very good, the missions were quite basic and contains less excitement. So this are my ratings:
94% for its phenomenal story.
72% for its sound & musics.
85% for its graphics.
78% for its gameplay.
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