Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

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Great Story
Outstanding Graphics
Amazing Combat
Good Puzzles
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You pretty much convinced me about playing it, thanks!
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another we lost in the crash, will have to redo it i enjoyed this one.
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I really love this game! I played it a few years ago on PS4 and I ended up replaying it several times. I haven't played the whole game on PC yet but so far the visuals are looking even better. The story is excellent and some sections of this game are really intense. The only games I can think to compare these sections to (in terms of intensity/captivating) are the original Silent Hill games. The art style and gameplay are much different but those games come to mind because of how intense they were at certain points. I really liked the gameplay as well in Hellblade and thought the fighting was cool. Getting a successful parry felt really good lol. I recently learned that the studio behind Hellblade was the same studio that made the infamous Devil May Cry reboot that people seemed to really dislike, they have come a long way from that! It goes to show what some studios can do when they have creative freedom. Anyway, 10/10, recommend.
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